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Hydrapower Dynamics (Engineering) Ltd acquired by private buyer


Engineering services



Founded in 2002, this business was initially developed as a division of a successful engineering components company. Its new service rapidly attracted attention within the sector and quickly grew to a £3 million turnover business with 24 employees.

The core business was inorganic and organic finishing plant, commonly known as electroplating and paint finishing with related disciplines including cleaning and non-destructive testing. The company had both the expertise and resources to provide innovative engineering and re-engineering solutions to clients, ranging from basic component parts to fully automated robotic systems, utilising project management systems for turn-key installations.

Product mix was approximately 50 per cent electroplating and 50 per cent paint systems and the company also had the potential to add sheet metal manufacturing facilities to support the introduction of standard products, in-house facilities for software generation and electrical services and the development of a plastic fabrication base with design facilities.

Average sales for the three years up to acquisition exceeded £3 million with a gross margin of £900,000.