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John Moores (Bristol) Ltd acquired by Systems Group (UK) Ltd


Installation and servicing of industrial boilers

Industrial pipe

Industrial pipe

Founded in 1870 and incorporated in 1948, this business had been owned by the same family for generations and had gained an excellent reputation for its prowess in the field of industrial boilers and high pressure water and steam systems.

John Moores specialised in the installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of industrial boilers and associated ancillary equipment including valves, calorifiers, plate heaters and heat recovery systems. The company also manufactured and installed pipe work including steam, condensate, water, gas, oil and air service, pressure testing, fabrication of tanks, platforms, stairs and structural steelwork.

Our client was of retirement age and wanted to take life easier. As there was no natural succession plan in place, the business had to be sold or closed.

The business was promoted to both trade and private buyers and it did not take long to secure a sensible price and a purchaser, who was already running a similar family business in South Wales so there was significant synergy between the two businesses.

Each had encountered difficulties in trading in the other’s backyard as surprisingly both the Welsh and the English were not receptive to dealing with a supplier on the opposite bank of the River Severn. When the purchase was completed, these difficulties were eliminated.