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MPS Support Services Ltd acquired by trade buyer


Cleaning and security services

Cleaning cart in a men's locker room in a country club

Cleaning cart in a men’s locker room in a country club

This business provided cleaning, site security and car park services for town shopping centres and out of town shopping villages. Tasks included general and deep cleaning of common areas, car parks, toilet facilities and food courts but did not include the cleaning of individual retail units.

The company had gained a large number of three year support service contracts for several property management companies with a combined value of more than £1 million.

After adding a site security division, the directors had secured a first project which had proved successful and had been shortlisted for other sites.

The business had been owned by the same family since 1985. The operations director, who was the founder’s son-in-law, was a US national and as he was looking to return home with his family the business had to be sold.

After receiving several offers, the business was sold for a substantial sum to a consortium backed by Middle Eastern funding.