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New English Teas Ltd acquired by private investors


Tea blending and distribution

English Tea - BPC125

This tea blending and distribution business focused on the creation of a specialist range of leaf teas for the tourist market and tea connoisseurs, which were then sold via a network of resellers.

One of the company directors was a descendant of the Brooke family who founded Brooke Bond Teas. Although he was several generations removed, he had inherited a good palate for tea.

The business specialised in excellent quality products and also created a range of innovative packing concepts for use in the tourist industry.

Both directors had several years’ experience as professional tea tasters and blenders and had worked in the industry for most of their careers. Among their many achievements was the export of their blended teas to China.

The purchaser had extensive marketing experience but no knowledge or experience of tea blending. His aim was to find a business which could benefit from his skills and could be relocated to the West Midlands.