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Scale Models Weston acquired by private investor


International Model Shipbuilders


This business was founded more than 40 years ago by Norman Hill, who had a passion for model making and created a thriving business producing scale models of ships and other sea going vessels. Mr Hill’s highly skilled team, comprising eight model makers, craftsmen, technicians and CAD specialists, created the models using construction drawings provided by the shipyard.

Each finished vessel, which sold for excess of £20,000, was painted in the ship owner’s livery and was accurate in every detail. Often the model was created from the first draft drawings so the shipyard’s client could visualise the end result in 3D.

The models have found their way into many different homes, including those of celebrities and world leaders, and the offices of offshore supply companies, shipyards, freight companies, embassies and museums.

This interesting and challenging project resulted in substantial interest. The eventual buyer, Kevin Godfrey, had previously been involved in model making and had owned a business manufacturing moulds for die cast cars including Corgi and Dinky – an inspirational tale of a model maker returning to his roots!